Archive of Documents and Papers

These documents and papers have been useful in the development of fishery management positions and policies of the FMA. Feel free to click on the links below to download a copy of any of these papers.


Groundfish Buy-back Program:

Groundfish Buy-back Business Plan - July 1998

Pacific Groundfish Buy-back Proposal and the Final Summary and Analysis - Peter Leipzig, May 23, 2001

Benefits of a Buy-back program - by Richard Young, July 24, 2001

Federal Register Notice - Regulations for Pacific Groundfish Capacity Reduction Program, July 18, 2003

Letter sent to Permit holders with ballots for referendum - September 30, 2003

Federal Register Notice - November 4, 2003 listing the sucessful bidders in the Buy-Back Program

NMFS post Buy-Back reprot to PFMC - April 7, 2004


Stock Assessment:

Sea Grant Primer on Stock Assessements


Permit Stacking:

Stacking Trawl Permits - Peter Leipzig, October 15, 2001


Pacific Halibut Bycatch:

Letters on Policy of Allocating Pacific Hallibut as Bycatch - March 1996 to April 1997


Antitrust Issues

Ocean Law Memo - October 15, 1980

Letter to Linda Brown from Andy Aubertine, Oregon Department of Justice - November 26, 1996

Wall Street Journal Article on Monopsony - How Driving Prices Lower Can Violate Antitrust Statutes - January 27, 2004