Exvessel prices for 2018 are as reported as of May 1, 2018

International Exchange Rates

International monetary exchange rates can be very important in the seafood world. These rates effect the price of products that are sold overseas or that are imported into the United States. When a currency falls against the U.S. Dollar, it takes fewer of those currencies to buy a dollars worth of product from the U.S.

Below are links to graphs showing monthly exchange rates four common trading partners with the U.S. These graphs are all in the foreign currency to the U.S. dollar. The time series is 1981 to present.

Japanese Yen, South Korean Won, Canadian Dollar, Chinese Renminbi,
and the European Euro

Trends in the exvessel price
West Coast Trawl caught Groundfish and Pink shrimp


Below are links to graphs that present the average exvessel price for various trawl species as reported in the PacFIN data system. This data is based upon the landing receipts from the three West Coast States of Washington, Oregon, and California.

In each graph there is a line showing the "Actual Price" and the "Adjusted for Inflation" price. The actual price is the average price that was paid during each year. If the price was 35 cents in one year and 35 cents in another, then the line reflects a constant price.

The other line reflects the average price, but adjusted for inflation. Inflation reduces the buying power of the dollar. What a dollar could buy in 1981 is very different from what a dollar will buy in 2008. The inflation adjusted line shows what the exvessel price was as buying power in 1981. If the inflation adjusted price in 1981 was 30 cents and the inflation adjusted price in 2007 were 15 cents, then the money received for that fish has one half of the buying power that was received 26 years earlier. If the price was 30 cents in 1981 and 30 cents in 2018, then the price received kept up with inflations.



Aroowtooth Flounder

Take a look at the price of Diesel fuel over the same time frame as these fish prices.


Dover sole

English sole

Petrale sole

Rex sole

Pink shrimp


Chilipepper rockfish

Yellowtail rockfish

Pacific cod