Convent Excel files into Nobeltec files

Nobelcon is a computer program that will generate Nobeltec import files using comma delimited text files created by Excel as input. A spreadsheet that contains hundreds of waypoint coordinates can be converted into a Nobeltec file quickly.

Version 3 can create Nobeltec Routes only with numeric waypoint names.

Version 4 can create Nobeltec Routes, Marks, and Boundaries all with alphanumeric waypoint names.

Download the version you wish below. Microsoft .Net Framework is required to run Nobelcon. You can download it here also if needed or from the Microsoft website.

MS Net Framework (For those that need it)

Nobelcon User Manual for Version 4.2

Version 4.1 corrects a problem with the assignment of alphanumeric names for marks.

Version 4.2 allows the deviation from some default settings. Waypoint boxes can be removed, Routes can be "locked", and waypoint names can be not shown.


Nobelcon Version 4.2

Nobelcon Version 5.0