Individual Fishermen's Quota System Discussion

The Pacific Fishery Management Council held a discussion session on the evening of September 12, 2006, during the week of their September meeting. The purpose of the session was to air two opposing positions related to the initial issuance of quota shares.  Fishermen believe that shares in an IFQ program should be issued to harvester.  Fish processor have taken the position that up to 50% of the harvesting shares should be issued to fish buyer.

The Processor position was presented by Jay Bornstein of Bornstein Seafood, and the Harvester position was presented by Peter Leipzig of the Fishermen's Marketing Association.

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Note: There is a slight audio break in this file while recording tapes were being changed
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Opening Remarks  (2.4 MB)

Jim Seger  (3.1 MB)

Bornstein Opening comments  (5.1 MB)

Leipzig Opening comments  (4.7 MB)

First Written Question  (6.7 MB)

Second Written Question  (5.7 MB)

Open Council Questions   (26.5MB)

Opening remarks by Hansen and McIsaac  (4:55)

Jim Seger's Presentation (6:18)

Jay Bornstein's opening statement and Leipzig's comments (10:18

Peter Leipzig's opening statement and Bornstein's comments (9:34)

Written Question 1  (13:33) see note

Written Question 2 (11:34)

Open Council Questions   (53:41) see note