Individual Fishermen's Quotas


This page contains links to documents and sound recordings that all have something related to the IFQ program currently being developed by the Pacific Fishery Management Council. The Council is scheduled to vote on preferred alternative found in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Amendment 20 of the Pacific Groundfish Management Plan.



Background statement

Audio files of the "debate" on processors shares between Jay Bornstein, Bornstein Seafood and Pete Leipzig, Fishermen's Marketing Association

Audio files of the "stranded capital" presentation by Dr. Jim Wilen, UC Davis

Sample letter for small fish companies to oppose shares being issued to a few large fish companies

Quick referrence schedule of topic at Council meeting - Week calendar format

PFMC's Allocation Committee recommendation of No Shares to Fish Processors

Why Shares should not be issued to Fish Processors

Background on recommendation on Accumulation Limits and No Grandfathering